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Tailored online booking

portal with vetted off-campus


Cloud-based, all-in-one CRM

and housing management


Fully-furnished and conveniently-located stays for short, medium and long term

Marketplace for students, interns and young professions with verified stays.

Benefit from our solutions

Access 4stay’s vetted network of room providers offering

medium, short and long term stays.

Internship Companies

Scholarship Organizations

Businesses & Startups

International Corporations

Student Recruitment Agencies

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Effectively manage your vacancies and grow your business with 4stay:

Save ton of time

Focus on growing your business, and 4stay will take care of housing

With every successful booking, earn commission and grow your revenue

Increase your revenue

Simple browsing, communication with hosts, booking, move-in & online payment

At your service to be available at 24/7

Easy booking process

Team of professionals

Why partner with 4stay?

Stress free, all-in-one accommodation solution with furnished and vetted stays

Fully outsourced

By ensuring your students have a place to stay near campus.

Increase enrolment

Access key analytics and reports about your students housing operations and grow confidently

Reduce operational inefficiencies by meeting the demand quickly & efficiently online and with tech tools.

Grow confidently


Top cities

Washington, D.C.

New York City

San Francisco, CA

Boston, MA

Chicago, IL

Los Angeles, CA

Toronto, CA

Vancouver, CA

Housing options available in many cities in North America

+ 150 more cities

Enrich housing experience

We have more than 500,000 rooms, apartments, homestay, student and intern residences, co-living and other housing options to choose from.

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All your favorite hosts and room providers in one place.

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4stay’s housing platform ensures students have various off-campus housing options to choose from according to their budget, distance to campus and stay preferences. It's a relief for us that 4stay takes care of all the student housing process, so we can focus on enrollment, and student academic success.

Andrea Ford

Chief Operating Officer (COO) for the University of the Potomac

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